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January 29, 2017


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Tom Nelson

My grandparents used these, but my parents went high-tech with the electric plug-in version of the percolator. At least with a thermostat to shut off, it wouldn't percolate until the end of time and burn down the house if one fell back asleep while waiting for the first cup. Another advantage of the percolator: it lasts for years and years and didn't have to be cleaned with vinegar every couple months. My preferred method, however, is cold immersion. It takes 24 hours and has less acid. Downside the lack of aroma of coffee wafting through the house, but grinding the coffee beans compensates.

Murray Browne

Yes, the cold immersion method makes a great cup as well -- since that is what you served when we visited. You should check out the book mentioned. Available on Amazon for 1 cent plus shipping. Someone with your mechanical interests would enjoy. (Mostly photos).

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