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August 31, 2009


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Murray Browne

Additional Titles From Tom Brennan Bookseller

-- A little string-tied children's rendition of Uncle Tom's Cabin, printed in Boston in 1854.

-- A compilation of remedies for treating and preventing disease according to the North American Indians, printed in Ohio in 1838.

-- A handwritten Bill of Sale for a slave named Fanny, and "her infant girl," from St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, and dated "11th May A.D. 1841."

-- A first edition of Samuel Johnson's A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, printed in London in 1775.

-- A history of the lives and deaths of the Apostles, printed in London in 1716

-- A rare compilation of medical writings by the fifth-century Greek physician Aetius, printed posthumously in Latin in 1535.

-- A pocket-sized travel guide to Stonehenge in Great Britain, printed about 1750, with fold-out diagrams of Stonehenge, and in the original decorative paper wrappers.

Murray Browne


For the festival, Books Again is having a 40% off sale for every book under $20 and all other books 30% off. They are located 1 block south of the Square on McDonough Street across the street from the construction at the high school.

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