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November 09, 2015


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Ian Joyce

IMHO, the beer world is moving so fast that books can't keep pace. I still refer to Michael Jackson's Beer Companion for info about particular styles, but when it comes to specific beers it's woefully out of date. I'm guessing Alworth's book will be out of date in about ten more minutes.

I'd have enjoyed asking Alworth about Hop Stoopid, which is to beer as Dave's Insanity Sauce is to hot sauces. It's a "because we can" kind of beer, where the hops obliterate any sort of complexity. I love–love!– hoppy beers and am a Lagunitas fan, but this one just annoyed me.

Speaking of Dale's Pale Ale, it's worth a trip to Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard, where there are a number of seasonal and one-off beers to taste. I don't recall seeing any books in the tasting room, but we could meet up there and bring our own. We'd probably get tossed for reading, but it's worth a shot.

Murray Browne

Thanks for the heads up about Hop Stoopid. In fairness to Alworth, his book is more about history and processes than making specific recommendations, which should give it more shelf life. Either way we can bring to the Oskar Blues Reading/Quaffing room --hopefully in the near future.

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